Rapid Park’s internal audit department leads the industry in implementing and overseeing state-of-the-art revenue control and monitoring methods. In addition, our expert team ensures that each garage is prepared with the training and resources necessary to champion the highest levels of financial accountability.

revenue control equipment and procedures

Rapid Park’s proven revenue control systems guarantee customer payments are expeditiously processed and transferred to the corresponding garage account. Our company utilizes cutting-edge, theft-resistant technology and point-of-sale terminals in every garage.

field audit department

Rapid Park’s Field Audit team performs routine site visits to secure each garage is fastidiously upholding our standards of excellence in customer service, operations and facility maintenance. 

internal audit department

Rapid Park’s internal audit department manages and conducts internal audits and reviews of garage operations focused on best practice compliance, business process improvement, and financial systems including IT system controls. The department also oversees Rapid Park’s unique incentive program that ranks garages in correlation with their audit performance.

quality assurance

Rapid Park’s quality assurance program sets the bar for the industry. Locations are regularly monitored by both our internal supervisors, as well as, third party vendors contracted to conduct ‘park and pay’ experience evaluations. The CEO personally reviews all site survey reports, remaining actively involved in executing Rapid Park’s commitment to providing the cleanest, safest and well-managed garages in the greater New York City area.